UO Faculty and Staff

Two services are available for faculty and staff as well as students:
  1. The Travel Clinic provides pre-departure health advice and preparation, including any recommended or required immunizations, prescriptions or certificates of vaccination.  The cost to faculty and staff is $75, not including immunizations and medications.
  2. Immunizations of all types are available year-round, with special faculty/staff hours October 2-November 1, 2013 and courtesy insurance billing for flu shots (see below).  UHC bills flu shots directly to Providence Choice or PEBB Statewide for covered employees, and will do so for tetanus-pertussis (Tdap) vaccinations until April 30, 2014 as well.  Employees who do not have Providence or PEBB must pay at the time of service by cash or check.  
Other health care services are only available to currently enrolled students.

Fall 2014 Faculty and Staff Flu/Tdap Clinics

Special immunization clinic hours are reserved for UO faculty and staff each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00-9:00 a.m. starting on October 1 through October 31 (except Wednesday, October 8 and Wednesday, Oct. 22) at the University Health Center Nurse Specialty Clinic. Get your Tdap and/or flu shots now to take advantage of these special clinic hours. After the special clinics are over, see below for other times to get your flu shot during regular clinic hours.

Flu and Tdap shots will be available for Providence members through April 3. For faculty and staff who have selected another insurance carrier after January 1, 2015, we will be unable to bill your insurance and you will need to pay cash or check. However, we can provide an itemized statement for you to bill your new insurance company.

• Note that the special hours reserved just for faculty and staff end October 31 and are only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8-9 A.M. (except Wed. Oct. 8 and Wed. Oct. 22).

• If you are unable to come during the special clinic hours listed above reserved just for faculty and staff, you may still receive shots at the University Health Center during our regular clinic hours 9-11:30 AM or 1-4 PM. However, care of students will always be the top priority and you may have to wait.

You must bring your UO Faculty/Staff ID card AND your Providence PEBB insurance card.

For faculty and staff that DO NOT have Providence/ PEBB insurance the charge for influenza vaccine is $27.00 and Tdap is $53.00 payable by cash or check (no credit or debit cards). The University Health Center will provide an itemized statement for you to bill your insurance company.

The University Health Center can immunize only UO faculty and staff.
We are unable to immunize dependents, spouses, partners, or UO retirees.

University Health Center is not a Medicare provider and is unable to care for or immunize anyone who has MEDICARE Part B even if this is not the primary insurance.

Call the Nurse Specialty Clinic at 541-346-2739 for details or the Flu Line at 541-346-4444.

Tobacco Cessation

Click here to view State Employee's Public Employees' Benefit Board tobacco cessation benefits.

CPR and First Aid Courses for Faculty and Staff

Click here to view CPR and First Aid Courses offered through UO Organizational Development and Training (ODT).

Are you concerned about a student who might be at risk for suicide?

Any concerned party can complete the UO Suicide Concern Form:

The University of Oregon has an investment in the welfare and well-being of all students. In its efforts to ensure the general well-being of all students, the Division of Student Life has implemented a suicide prevention program. The program’s goal is to assess students that have engaged in suicide-related behavior in order to evaluate their level of risk and offer them professional mental health services.

The Suicide Concern Form is used to inform the Suicide Assessment Team that a student has engaged in suicide-related behavior. Such suicide-related behavior can include making suicide threats, verbally or nonverbally (e.g., through writing), as well as engaging in intentional self-injurious behavior with the intent to attempt suicide and/or to give the appearance of intending to kill him/herself.

Any concerned party can complete the Suicide Concern Form. Once the form is completed, it is sent to the Suicide Assessment Team for review and disposition. A member of the Suicide Assessment Team will contact the referring party to discuss the situation and explore options for addressing the concern about the student’s risk for suicide. In some cases, the student will be contacted by the Office of the Dean of Students and directed to contact the Counseling & Testing Center for a mandatory risk assessment. Again, the ultimate goal is to provide the student with mental health services in order to assist the student in developing more adaptive ways to cope and adjust to psychological stress and strain.