Peer Wellness Advocates

We are excited to announce that applications to become a Peer Wellness Advocate for the 2017-2018 academic year are now open! 
What is Peer Wellness Advocates?
PWA is a peer-to-peer volunteer organization that provides educational, non-judgmental health information and resources to the UO community. PWA is open to all students at UO and facilitates health and wellness programs at the Duck Nest Wellness Center. The Duck Nest is a place for students to relax and rejuvenate, to chat with one of our peer wellness advocates or participate in a wellness workshop.


Benefits of being a member of Peer Wellness Advocates

  • Improved leadership, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Volunteer experience
  • Opportunity to make a difference in the health of UO students
  • Being involved in socila justuc for health and wellbing
  • Skill development and career enhancment

How to become a volunteer
Come visit us at the Duck Nest, EMU 041, chat with one of our current PWAs and learn how you can get involved. Once you know that becoming a PWA is a good fit for you fill out this online aaplication

Please note: you will be unable to close and re-open application once started. Please be prepared to complete application in one sitting. You will need the name and contact information for two references, your UO student ID and be prepared to tell us a little bit about yourself. There are four short answer questions in the survey. We have included them here for your reference only, they will still need to be answered within the application.

  1. Why are you interested in volunteering with us and what would make you an effective Peer Wellness Advocate?
  2. Please list and describe any personal qualities, courses or experiences that would contribute to your success as a Peer Wellness Advocate.
  3. The Duck Nest and Peer Wellness Advocates is dedicated to intentionally creating a multicultural and diverse organization that actively engages everyone.  What does this mean to you and if you were selected how would you help the Duck Nest achieve this goal?
  4. What do you expect to gain from the experience of volunteering as a Peer Wellness Advocate?  

Completion or current enrollment in FHS 407 (spring term) is required to be a volunteer and further instructions will be provided once accepted into the program.

How to contact PWA

If you have questions you may contact our student Peer Wellenss Coordinator,