rocksHealing Touch

Healing Touch is an energetic therapy which complements traditional approaches to health and healing. It is not a substitute for them. Healing Touch is intended to restore harmony and balance in the energy system in order to maximize a person’s healing potential and enhance a sense of well being. Healing Touch has been used to promote relaxation, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, assist with pain management and facilitate the restorative process.

Healing Touch can serve as a complement to medical care and help to promote relaxation, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and assist with pain management. Please call 541-346-4401 for an appointment.

Click Here to download a detailed explanation of Healing Touch therapy.

Practitioner/Facilitator: Jude Kehoe is a Licensed Practical Nurse,  Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Meditation Instructor. She has taught and practiced energy healing and meditation at the University of Oregon Health Center since 1998. While becoming certified in Healing Touch, Jude studied a wide variety of energy healing modalities including Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Bio-energy and the Energy Medicine program. She has studied meditation nationally and internationally from various teachers for the past 40 years. Ms. Kehoe is a member of The Pain Society of Oregon, and Healing Touch Program.