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Our skilled staff has over 100 years of combined experience treating overuse syndromes, postural imbalances, trauma, athletic injuries, acute or chronic pain and managing pre/post-surgical rehabilitation. We strive to provide the highest quality, comprehensive rehabilitation to enable students to overcome pain, dysfunction and disability. Our physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists and acupuncturist work with students on a one-on-one basis to determine all of the factors involved in an injury/disability and develop an individualized treatment plan to meet each patient’s treatment goals. We work collaboratively with all members of a patient’s healthcare team to ensure excellent communication and follow through.

Energy Healing is also available within the Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Department.  Jude Kehoe is a Licensed Practical Nurse,  Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Meditation Instructor who works with patients one on one in a quiet, soothing environment.

Accessing our Services:

We do not require a referral to see you. However, we highly recommend that you get an in-house referral for our services to maximize your potential for insurance reimbursement (even if you have a referral from an outside medical provider). Additionally, your insurance company may require a referral and/or pre-authorization before you begin treatment. Please contact your insurance company directly for more information. To get a referral, call 541-346-2770 to set up an appointment with a physician or nurse practitioner in the University Health Center.

Our clinic is open Monday through Friday, with some closures during term breaks. We are located on the second floor of the Health Center.

To make an appointment for physical therapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, or acupuncture call 541-346-4401 or stop by the clinic.

Physical Therapy/Athletic Training:

  • Acute Care: We don't want you to suffer with pain and/or an unstable injury. We have brief, walk-in treatment slots throughout the day to help reduce your pain and stabilize your injury. You can come see us directly, however, if your injury is serious we will work with our medical staff to establish a diagnosis before treatment.
  • Ongoing Rehabilitation: We offer ongoing rehabilitation on a scheduled basis. During your initial appointment, you will receive a complete evaluation and  initial treatment for a flat fee of $75. The cost of follow up treatment varies according to the length and complexity of your session. If you have concerns about the cost of care, please come speak with us as we can often create a customized treatment plan that will help address your financial needs.

Massage Therapy:

Our licensed massage therapists specialize in relaxation and treatment specific massage and  can modify the session to meet your specific needs. If you are also receiving physical therapy or athletic training, they will work closely with your therapist(s) to provide you with collaborative and comprehensive care. Our massage services are offered in a quiet, rejuvenating environment with soft lighting, music and a heated table to maximize your relaxation and comfort.

Massage therapy is offered in 30, 45 and 60 minute appointments and costs $30, $45 and $60 respectively.


Acupuncture services include traditional acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, Tuina and Gua Sha. Not all of these treatment techniques use needles. Acupuncture can be a complementary treatment to other physical modalities (physical therapy, athletic training, massage, etc.) in which case, your team will work together to ensure a comprehensive approach. It is also an effective stand-alone treatment for addressing a range of issues including general musculoskeletal injuries, stress, anxiety, women’s health issues and addiction.

One-on-one, private sessions take place in a relaxing treatment space. These sessions are tailored to each student's individual needs. Sessions are 45 minutes and cost $60.

The health center also offers group acupuncture. Group acupuncture focuses on stress reduction, and incorporates therapeutic quiet time. It's offered every Friday from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at University Health Center. The cost is $15 per session, billed to your student account. Call 541-346-4401 to reserve your seat.

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