ashtray with a lot of cigarette buttsTobacco Cessation

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for Students

Congratulations on choosing to quit smoking! Our program offers students free NRT Patch or Gum to support their quit effort. In order to help us to better serve you, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING PROCEDURES for our program:

  • Fill out the Personal Action Plan . Research shows that having a quit plan can improve your chances of quitting smoking for good.
  • Once your Personal Action Plan is complete, bring it with your Student ID to the Peer Health Office located in the lobby of the University Health Center. You will meet with a Peer Health Educator (PHE) for 20 minutes to go through the intake. PLEASE NOTE: The PHE Office hours vary each term. For current hours, please check the schedule on the door or visit:
  • The PHE will direct you toward the pharmacy to pick up your NRT. 
  • Each supply of NRT lasts approximately 2 weeks. When you run out, return to the Peer Health Office for your next supply. Each follow-up visit will take only about 5 minutes.
  • In order to evaluate the NRT program, we request that all participants complete a brief confidential survey by email 3 months after receiving the first box of NRT. 

Other Resources for Quitting Tobacco 

·     Websites

    Freedom From Smoking Online (American Lung Association)


·     Smartphone Apps


    NCI QuitPal (for iPhone)


·     Quitline  1-800-QUIT-NOW


If you have any questions about the NRT program, please contact:

Renee C. Mulligan, MHS, CHES

Health Promotion Specialist

541-346-0562 /