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    Learn CPR and First Aid

    The University Health Center is offering one-day classes to UO students. Class includes adult, child, and infant CPR, AED, and basic first aid. Class cost is $60 billed to your DuckWeb account.

    APRIL 30   |   MAY 21

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    Prepare for Pollen

    Spring is in the air - and so is tree pollen. If your allergies or asthma are being triggered, our pharmacy has affordable remedies.

    Learn more about allergy and asthma care.

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    Quit Before Graduation

    Want to quit smoking or using tobacco before this summer? University Health Center offers no-cost tobacco cessation counseling, including free NRT patches or gum.

    Learn more about quitting tobacco.

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    Optional Summer Health Fee

    Graduating or taking the summer off from classes? If you are staying in Eugene for the summer, consider taking advantage of University Health Center’s optional summer health fee.

    Learn about what the fee provides.