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    Student Health Insurance

    To protect your health and financial stability, the University of Oregon recommends that all students have health insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses that may arise.

    The Health Center offers a comprehensive health insurance plan through our partner, PacificSource, which works on campus and wherever you travel to (including abroad). If you're interested in learning about the UO Health Plan as it pertains to your student status, click the link(s) below for more information:

    Domestic Students

    International Students

    Law Students

    Visiting Scholars

    Graduate Teaching Fellows (GTF)

    Graduating Students/Alumni

    Study Abroad

    Managing Your Health Insurance

    The University Health Center currently only bills the following qualifying insurance plans:

        • PacificSource - GTF
        • Oregon Health Plan (all counties)
        • Current UO Health Plan - Aetna
        • UO Health Plan - PacificSource (Fall 2015)
    Visit myUOHealth to register your insurance and complete the required consent forms.
    If you have questions, stop by the Insurance Liaison desk on the first floor of the Health Center.

    It is very important that you keep your insurance information up to date to ensure seamless care.

    What if I have a non-qualifying health insurance plan?

    • Check with your insurance company prior to your visit to determine if your insurance will cover services at the Health Center.
    • Print your own itemized statements through myUOHealth so you can submit them to your private insurance company for possible reimbursement. It is your responsibility to print and submit these forms. Your insurance company will independently process your claim per the terms and conditions of your plan.
    • Remember to bring your health insurance card with you to your appointments wherever and whenever you access care.
    • Consider purchasing the UO Health Plan to have all of your billing handled for you and to give yourself the best possible health coverage on campus.

    What is the mandatory student health fee?

    Included in the tuition bill is a mandatory student health fee that all registered students must pay. The fee allows registered students to access University Health Center services and helps to keep costs low, so students can afford care at the Health Center regardless of their insurance status. In addition, it funds wellness activities, provides access to contraceptives and safe sex resources at the Health Center, and enables the Health Center to respond to campus health emergencies. It is not health insurance; you are still responsible for paying for services at the health center, but those costs will be much lower than similar services off campus because of the fee. When you receive care at the Health Center, you will see these cost savings reflected on your itemized statements, accessed through myUOHealth.

    The Affordable Care Act Healthcare Exchanges and Marketplaces

    Understanding the Affordable Care Act Exchanges and Marketplaces can be confusing for students. 

    We've compiled a list of answers to students' frequently asked questions.