Allergies and Asthma

man sneezing into a tissueIn the spring and early summer, the mid-Willamette Valley becomes inundated with pollen. We can help you find relief! All of our doctors and nurse practitioners take care of students with allergies and asthma. Nursing staff in the Nurse Specialty Clinic are here to help with advice regarding allergy management.


If you have previously received a prescription for allergy medication from the Health Center, you may contact your pharmacy for a refill. If you need a new prescription or just want to talk with a nurse about your symptoms, call us at 541-346-2739. Often, we are able to address allergy concerns and recommend over-the-counter medications over the phone.

If you have been receiving allergy injections (immunotherapy) at home, you may continue getting your immunotherapy at the Health Center. Have your allergist send your antigens and injection schedule to the Nurse Specialty Clinic. Call 541-346-2739 for details.

  • We accept antigen (allergy shot) vials only from board-certified allergists.
  • You must have been treated at least one time with the antigens by the board-certified allergist (allergist cannot send antigens that have not been previously administered).
  • The antigens must be mailed by your allergist directly to the Nurse Specialty Clinic at the University Health Center (no hand deliveries will be accepted). Call 541-346-2739 for details.

There may be times during the school year when you will need to take your antigens home for school breaks and other occasions.
Download Patient Instructions for Checking Allergy Extracts Out
Download Clinician’s Instructions for Sending Allergy Extracts to the University Health Center

Seasonal Allergy Self-Care Guide
National Allergy Bureau Pollen and Mold Report for Eugene, OR


If you have asthma and are experiencing any worsening, please don't hesitate to call and talk with one of our nurses in the Nurse Specialty Clinic.