Student Health Insurance

Open enrollment for summer term is now available.

Enroll in Health Insurance for 2016-2017

Students are strongly encouraged to check their health insurance plan to make sure it will provide meaningful coverage in Oregon (or wherever they are studying). The University of Oregon recommends that all students have health insurance to help cover unexpected medical expenses that may arise.

The university offers a comprehensive, platinum-rated health insurance plan to eligible UO students. The plan offers excellent benefits on campus, within the Eugene area, or wherever you're traveling to (including abroad). Select from the links below for more information:

Domestic Students
International Students
Law Students
Visiting Scholars
Graduate Employees (GEs)
Graduating Students/Alumni
Study Abroad

Tax Information

Managing Your Health Insurance

The University Health Center currently only bills the following qualifying insurance plans:

    • PacificSource - GTF
    • Oregon Health Plan
Visit myUOHealth to register your insurance and complete the required consent forms (found under the "Forms" tab). If you have questions, stop by the Insurance Liaison desk on the first floor of the health center.

It is very important that you keep your insurance information up to date to ensure seamless care.

What if I have a non-qualifying health insurance plan?

  • If your insurance is not listed above, it most likely will NOT provide in-network benefits for your care at University Health Center. Call your insurance company ahead of time to ask about your “out-of-network” benefits at the University Health Center.
  • After your visit, charges will appear on your DuckWeb account (generally within 2-3 weeks). At that time, you can print your itemized statements through myUOHealth and submit them to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.
  • Remember to bring your health insurance card (or mobile app) with you to your appointments wherever and whenever you access care, including pharmacy.
  • Consider purchasing the UO Student Health Benefits Plan to have all of your billing handled for you and to give yourself the best possible health coverage on campus.

What is the mandatory student health fee?

Included in the tuition bill is a mandatory student administrative health fee that all registered students must pay. The fee allows eligible students to access University Health Center services and helps to keep costs low, so students can afford care regardless of their insurance status. In addition, it funds wellness activities, provides access to contraceptives and safer sex resources, and enables the health center to respond to campus health emergencies. The health fee is not health insurance; you are still responsible for paying for services at the health center, but those costs will be much lower than similar services off campus because of the fee.

The Affordable Care Act Healthcare Exchanges and Marketplaces

Understanding the Affordable Care Act Exchanges and Marketplaces can be confusing for students. 
We've compiled a list of answers to students' frequently asked questions.

Forms for students under 18 years old

Archived Documents

For the most current documents related to your plan, go to one of the pages listed near the top of this page.

  • Phone: 541-346-2770   Fax: 541-346-2747
  • Location: 1590 E. 13th Ave. |  Directions →
  • Emergency? Call 9-1-1
  • Hours:
  • June 26-Sept. 2: 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
  • Closed weekends and July 4

Student Health Insurance Office
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